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cookie please


crafted cocktail cookies

Happy Hour Just Got Happier!

Cookie Please's crafted cocktail cookies are the perfect appetizer to pair with your favorite libation.

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cookie please

Cookie Please is a crafted cocktail cookie company that has had a local presence in specialty shops in our community for many years.

Our  bite-size, less sweet, more savory cookies deliver a delightful, complex flavor.  Made with  all-natural ingredients, they are intentionally crafted to compliment any beverage (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic). Our cookies are an irresistible addition to any pairing.  Cheers!


In Appreciation

Purdue University


 FEMI fuels economic growth by enabling food and beverage companies, from start up to 

global companies, to create, develop, and commercialize sustainable products.  The 

institute also provides learning experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation to food

industry professionals and students in the College of Agriculture.

We are in gratitude to Bruce Applegate and Allie Kingery. We appreciated the 

opportunity to receive a grant to help us scale up our manufacturing.  Even though the

grant work has been finished,  FEMI continues to support us with their valuable expertise

as well as promoting us for opportunities to sell our cookies. 


Thank you Reem!  We appreciate your philosophy of giving more than is expected!

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